Engaging, educating and empowering South Carolinians to ensure clean and abundant water for all.

Our Mission
South Carolina Rivers Forever's mission is to protect South Carolina's surface and ground water.

Clean and abundant waters are essential to all current and future South Carolinians. South Carolina's waters are held in public trust by all of its citizens.

South Carolina Rivers Forever works collaboratively and transparently to achieve specific goals based on the following guiding principles.

Public Resources
Our surface water and groundwater are public resources that are entrusted to the state to be managed in the public interest, in a sustainable manner that protects natural systems while meeting our needs.
Public Interests
We must be pro-actively engaged stewards of our waters, and water policy should reflect the public interest in maintaining and supporting the health and abundance of our water resources for future generations.
Lasting Sustainability
Effective water management must achieve long-term sustainability, through transparency and meaningful citizen input with rigorous ongoing planning, implementation, and enforcement.
May 30 & 31, 2018:
The South Carolina State Water Plan Symposium
What can South Carolina do to ensure it has sustainable water supplies for today and future generations? How can citizens be involved? Are there limits on how much groundwater should be pumped? What water flows are essential for healthy fish and wildlife, boating and other outdoor recreation? Can we balance those needs with water withdrawals for drinking water, agricultural and industrial needs? How do we identify and use the best practices and science to answer these questions? All of these issues and more can be addressed through a new State Water Plan.

In 2018, South Carolina is embarking on the final phase for creating a new State Water Plan. Last updated by the Department of Natural Resources in 2004, the Water Plan is a comprehensive water resources policy for the state. The Department of Health and Environmental Control and the Water Resources Center at Clemson University will work closely with the Department of Natural Resources as the new plan is developed.
South Carolina Rivers Forever is collaborating with these organizations for a two-day symposium to engage and educate municipal and industrial water users, farmers, conservation organizations, policy makers, elected officials and citizens about developing a new state water plan and the opportunities it provides.

Please join us in Columbia on May 30 and 31, 2018 for information and dialog on developing a new State Water Plan and the steps South Carolina can take to ensure a sustainable water future.
Be a Part of Sustainable Water Planning
On May 30 and 31, 2018, South Carolina Rivers Forever will host the South Carolina State Water Plan Symposium: Bringing Together the People, the Science and the Best Practices for Sustainable Water Planning. Details on the symposium and registration instructions will be released in late March. To ensure you receive this information, please email me at gjobsis@americanrivers.org or Kristin Weaver of the South Carolina Wildlife Federation at Kristin@scwf.org.

Here's how you can help South Carolina plan for healthy rivers and a sustainable future. >>

Gerrit Jöbsis
American Rivers
The S.C. Rivers Forever Team
South Carolina Rivers Forever is a network of more than 25 conservation organizations, business and citizens with a mission to protect the state's surface and groundwater resources. We strive to engage, educate and empower South Carolinians to ensure that our water resources are clean, abundant, and protected to support beneficial uses including a prosperous economy, thriving wildlife, and outdoor recreation for today and future generations. The South Carolina Rivers Forever Leadership Team comprises American Rivers, Coastal Conservation League, Congaree Riverkeeper, Conservation Voters of South Carolina, Savannah Riverkeeper, Save Our Saluda, Sierra Club of South Carolina, South Carolina Paddlesports Industry Association, South Carolina Wildlife Federation and Upstate Forever.

The South Carolina Rivers Forever Leadership Team comprises...

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